Aloha at Your Fingertips

Pioneering Hawaii’s Nail Art

Feature Design

Hibiscus Nails

Creator of the Hibiscus Art

Opened in 1995 as the first nail salon in Waikiki. The nail lab which created the original ” Hibiscus Art” that started a boom is considered the originator of the Hibiscus nail art.

Hawaii Nails

Enjoy the Hawaiian feeling

Popular Hawaiian nails combine various unique Hawaiian motifs such as plumeria, honu, hula, palm tree, and beach nails. Let’s enjoy your trip to Hawaii by getting into the Hawaiian spirit right from your fingertips.

Wedding Nails

Produce a beautiful Hawaii wedding

Make your dream Hawaii wedding the most memorable with luxurious Hawaiian designs combining diamond nail jewelry, hibiscus, and more. Leave it to our experienced manicurists.


We offer a variety of course menus with three types of nails: natural nails, gel nails, and acrylic nails.


We offer a variety of course menus with two types of nails: natural nails and gel nails.

We offer two wedding special menus in the regular course and gel course.


The first nail salon in Waikiki

Nail Lab opened in 1995 as the first nail salon in Waikiki, Hawaii. We started in Hawaii ahead of the global nail boom and have served over 170,000 customers in total. We have a wide range of customers from all over the world, including celebrities and first-time nail salon customers.

Great location in the heart of Waikiki

We are located on the first floor in the Sheraton Waikiki, in the heart of Waikiki, at the perfect beachfront location, overlooking the blue ocean and Diamond Head. We provide fast, excellent technology and quality service to make the most of your time in Hawaii.

Sheraton Waikiki


Naillabo Honolulu
Sheraton Waikiki 1F
2255 Kalakaua Avenue Suite 22,
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
(808) 926-6363